Panama City Beach Florida Travel Guide 2021

Panama City Beach Florida Travel Guide 2021

This is a Panama City Beach Travel guide from Spring 2021. We show you around Pier Park then head over to the Lake Wharf area as well as show you around the actual beach. Panama City Beach is considered the number 1 spring break destination in America and also known for having some of the purest white sand in the entire world.

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38 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Florida Travel Guide 2021

  1. William Cooper says:

    The Mahi-Mahi BLT from Pineapple Willy's is AMAZING. I could eat that every day. We're going back the first week of September to stay at the Laketown Wharf resorts right across the road from Pineapple Willy's. I plan on grabbing one of those BLTs as soon as we pull in that evening!

  2. William Bullock says:

    Make sure you check out Beach-TV while visiting PCB. This is a great cable channel that highlights all the great restaurant, nightlife, attractions, and outdoor activities to do in Panama City Beach. Very informative and fun to watch. Some of the best businesses on the beach use this channel.

  3. JONISTI1 says:

    If you love intolerable traffic and overcrowded places to visit… this IS your place. Video is highly deceiving…
    All of a sudden EVERYONE wants to visit OUR TOWN…. please feel free to find another place… when your a local and it takes 15min to exit your own neighborhood, its time you Tourists GO ELSEWHERE…FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY STAY HOME

  4. Bella Wright says:

    I remember back in the day,pretty girls would b skating around in short shorts and bikinis. Fast food killed that. Now all the girls walk around eating and getting heavier. Just saying.

  5. Greenly Carroll says:

    I love Panama City Beach. I grew up going there and everytime I go I have to best time and I feel at home there. It’s alittle crazy sometimes but it’s a great time and it’s beautiful.

  6. Steven Fussell says:

    Don't come here. It's not all that cracked up. Wanna deal with traffic that'll take an hour to get to a spot thats 5 mimutes away? wanna deal with constantly being cut off by other tourists on narrow roads that havent been repaired in years? or what about the remaining hurricane Michael damage? that's visible all across town. Panama City Beach is a shell of it's former glory. I've lived here for 27 years. This city is worthless to come to at this point unless you just wanna get drunk and fall off a balcony. Us locals literally make bets on how many idiots will serve themselves flat on the pavement every single year for spring break. Yes, we need economy BUT, we need to focus on what needs to be repaired and built upon before just trying to become a tourist trap again. can't be a tourist destination looking like a compost heap.

  7. ajhaux19 says:

    Went here back in 2018 with my family and we actually drove 20 hrs all the way from Maple Grove, MN. It was awesome vacation experience! Such a beautiful place. Glad we’re going back and driving there again this year in August. Hoping for no terrible storms though during our stay.

  8. Zeus Medrano says:

    Never been on vacay and will finally get the opportunity to do so and going to PCB in a month for over a week! Stoked! This was helpful. I’m into saltwater fishing so I know this will be epic! Blessings from Houston, Tx‼️🤟🏼😎

  9. Cheeky Rose says:

    If you don't show the lagoon and sport fishing charters and Captain Anderson's and all the water sports at the lagoon.. you've missed much! Not to mention Schooners and Sharkeys. NOTHING BEATS OUR SUGAR WHITE SAND AND EMERALD WATERS! ❣️🌼🌺🦩🌴🍊🐚

  10. T Oadaly says:

    Recently visited Panama City Beach – if you want to party, it's a good place for that. But for a family vacation, I'd avoid the main stretch. The beach itself is beautiful white sand, and just perhaps the clearest water you will find in the continental US other than the keys, but there is a constant trashy party vibe going on.

  11. Shannon Grisham says:

    Love Panama city beach but the lifeguards down were we stay are assholes they think they can trespass you from a public beach if they want to but that's not right you have to commit a crime before they can trespass you they are dumb asses but the beaches are beautiful

  12. Michael Gilbert says:

    Tourists need to know that all the beaches in the Panama City Beach area now use a flag system to warn people of rip currents in the gulf. If the local government, in its infinite wisdom, deems that rip currents are too high, they will fly double red flags, which means that no one is allowed in the water. And if you get caught in the ocean when those double red flags are flying, you'll be fined $500. At last count, the PCB government has made $60,000 off this scam. Probably for fear of lawsuits, and to maximize profits, those in charge seem to have a hair trigger on flying those flags, and a lot of vacations have been ruined as a result. Your vacation could be next. Anyone considering PCB for a vacation might want to consider vacationing elsewhere.

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